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At TPA, we’ve positioned ourselves at the forefront of the construction sector in the UK and Europe, by delivering portable access solutions and bespoke platforms for compounds on land and water.

Manoeuvring heavy plant, machinery and equipment across uneven and/or soft ground poses its own unique challenges, but our portable roadway system is easily capable of carrying loads in excess of 1000 tonnes.

Managing Construction Projects - Why TPA?

Given the value of construction projects in the UK, this represents an extremely important sector and one that is integral to the growth of the economy.

It also has huge societal value, particularly given the fact that the demand for housing continues to grow at a disproportionate rate to supply.

Although this highlights the importance of the service that we provide to our clients, the question that remains is why should you choose TPA?

  • Continual investment means that we are able offer increasingly innovative solutions to complex access problems, helping your construction projects to run more smoothly as a result
  • This includes floating and modular platforms, which enable you to increase floor space in projects near a body of water
  • Our steel pontoons are also ideal for the completion of larger projects, including those that involve commercial construction
  • This extensive range lets us manage projects regardless of their scope or complexity, we work closely with our clients to deliver bespoke access solutions

How TPA can help your Construction Projects to Thrive

Regardless of the project in question, our team and product range is fully equipped to provide a professional, timely and high quality service. Why not contact one of our team today?
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