Outdoor Events

Helping to bring the most creative event ideas to life…

The UK’s thriving events industry is growing year on year, and at TPA we are proud to play our part by helping to bring the most inventive ideas to life.

Our experience in the sector ensures that we are able to facilitate and transform even the most ambitious event concepts into practical realities

Delivering Genuine Peace of Mind – Why TPA?

Whether you’re hosting a sporting event on the open waters or looking to celebrate the success of a large, multinational corporation, it’s often the intricate details that undermine the best laid-plans.

TPA provides innovative and often bespoke access solutions to the most complex of problems. As a result, there’s no need for you to compromise on your theme or choice of venue, as we’ll provide safe and efficient access and ensure that the event is a roaring success

But why else should you look to partner with TPA when planning your next event?

  • We’re currently established as the leading supplier of temporary hire equipment and access solutions in the UK and Europe, and this success has enabled us to continually invest in the proposition that we offer to our clients
  • Included in our product range are plastic modular floating pontoons, which are ideal for providing access to temporary venues in and around water. These serve as a cost-effective solution to a considerable accessibility challenge
  • We also offer steel pontoons among our extensive range, which are commonly utilised on larger projects, venues or events. Still, they offer exceptional value for money and make your event accessible to its attendees
  • Not only do we have the equipment to tackle the most complicated of challenges, but we also offer a turnkey project management service. This involves the hire, installation and management of your equipment, ensuring that we do everything we can to support your event

Make an Event of it with TPA

From floating pontoons and suspended stages to vast, steel pontoons, we have a truly incredible range of equipment that can realise the potential of any event concept. 

When you combine this with our industry expertise and capacity to create bespoke access solutions, you begin to see why TPA has become such a key player in the market. 

If you’re planning any type of event and would like to learn more about how we can help, get in touch today and speak to one of our team members.

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